Adoption Questionare

Adoption Questionnaire

City State
What is your adoption time line?  
Do you currently own pets? ( breed, size, sex, how many?)
If yes) Are they altered or intact?  
If intact, have you ever bred them?  
Are you a breeder or interested in breeding?  
will you abide by our spay/neuter contract if you’re purchasing a pet?  
 Do you have a preference  sex, color, or other traits? 
 Do you have a fenced in yard? 
 Where will your Yorkie spend his time? (Inside , yard, kennel run, crate, etc.)  

Will he have full run of the house or will he be restricted?                                  
 How long each day will your new puppy be home alone?
Please explain your work schedule and how your puppy needs will be taken care of 
 What kind of research have you done on Yorkshire Terriers?
Do you know the special needs of a toy breed?
 Have you ever surrendered a dog ?
Have you ever returned a dog for any reason? (If yes, what was the reason?)
 Do you rent or own your home?
 Renters do you have landlord permissions for a pet ( require proof)?            
How many people in your home?  (Please list ages for all children)
 How did you find us? (search engine, other website, referral)   
Please give three references other than family:  
 (vet, breeder, friend, etc – If you currently own a pet, Must supply vet)  
 Please include contact info: Name, Phone, and Email if possible.
 Will you personally pick up your puppy or will you be needing him/her to be shipped ? 
 Do you have any additional questions/comments for us?