Star Shine Contract

Adopted By______
Phone number______
Yorkshire Terrier M F Reg or Ltr #______
Sire#______ Dam#______
Paid Cash______ check______ DL#______
Sale is contingent on full veterinary approval within 72 hours

If this AKC pure bred dog does not have your veterinarian’s approval, please return to breeder/seller’s premises with the period of time designated above for a full refund. If this dog develops a serious hereditary disease specifically leg perthes or liver shunt from one year of purchase, a full refund or another puppy shall be given as a replacement whichever is mutually agreeable. No refund will be given after that time. All sales are final and no refund will be given if the dog is returned for any reason other than a failure to pass the vet check or a hereditary disease up to 1 year.

Breeder/seller and buyer certify by signing this bill of sale that this dog is not sold for resale purposes and that the breeder will be notified if it is necessary for this dog to change hands and right of first refusal will be given to the breeder/seller.

Breeder/seller and buyer agree for the life of this puppy that it is to be registered only with the AKC, and with the registered name of Star Shine’s____ __(initials of buyer).

Breeder/seller is transferring this dog as.. Show Potential____ Breeding ____ Pet Quality only with limited registration____ (breeders initials will show intention) To the best of my knowledge, this pure bred dog is in good healthy condition.

If this dog is being bought as Pet Quality only, then buyer must agree to have the dog spay/neutered. It is this breeders advice that the dog be spayed between 6 – 8 months as this is when the dog usually has double canines and they can be pulled at the same time as the spay/neuter. AKC registration papers will be held until proof of spay/neuter.

Final puppy shot due__ Rabies due __

Have your veterinarian check the puppy teeth at 6-8 months to remove the retained puppy teeth. Please DO NOT USE LEPTO in puppy shots or adult. We also recommend a blood panel to insure liver is functioning correctly before any surgery. Injectables must be used only with great care and breeder assumes no liabilities for consequences when injectable anesthesia is used, and the veterinarian is to use care in intubating this toy dog so as not to damage the trachea by using a tube that is too large.

THIS BREEDER WILL REPLACE THIS DOG IF IT DIES DUE TO ANY HEREDITARY PROBLEMS IF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS ARE MET. Buyer must consult with Breeder within 24 hours of any illness and follow advice of Breeders Veterinarian. Under no circumstances is Seller to be held responsible for medical services not authorized by the Seller. Buyer must have any autopsy performed by the Breeder’s Veterinarian or Breeder’s Vet of choice within 24 hours of death


PET QUALITY is a quality classification set by the breeder indicating that this dog will not be used for breeding and will be in a loving home and pet ONLY!
LIMITED REGISTRATION allows registration with the American Kennel Club (AKC) but with certain restrictions. The registration certifies that the animal is a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, but does not allow competition in AKC licensed conformation shows. Offspring resulting from this animal are not allowed to be registered with AKC.
ALTERING is a surgery done by a veterinarian that renders the animal unable to produce offspring.
GENETIC DEFECT any condition which is widely held by the veterinary profession to be hereditary in nature. Exceptions are patellar luxation or tracheal collapse because of environmental issues.